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Could this be the best toy for a gentle introduction…?

by Step Tranovich on August 11, 2023

Hey, you – I spend a lot of time in this space talking about exploration… about being open to new sources of pleasure and expanding your vision of what sex might look like—solo or otherwise.

After all, I believe a sense of playful discovery only enhances pleasure, no matter where you are on your sexual journey.

That’s why all of the Cute Little Fuckers are designed to facilitate that exploration.

But there is one toy that community members say—over and over again—is the perfect first toy.

Have you met Zeep?👋

There’s a lot to love about Zeep—an adorable little bug curled up in a leaf—from its smaller size to its varied surface textures.

But it’s Zeep’s soft, bendable edges that really make it stand out from its fellow monsters. 

Thanks to Zeep’s thin, pliable edges, you can easily control the pressure and intensity of the stimulation you receive as the toy nestles against your body, perhaps even starting with no vibration at all, gradually adding it in as you feel ready. 

Where other toys on the market often have firmer tips to encourage more intense pinpoint sensation, Zeep’s soft, flexible, pointy bit—right at the top of its leaf—allows you to enjoy a gentler experience.

And Zeep’s smooth back is great for use as a grind toy, which can be as gentle or as rough as you'd like. 

Zeep can also be helpful for those with bottom dysphoria…no matter which bits you've got. Because it can cover up everything, Zeep easily mimics the feeling of having a vulva. And Zeep is also narrow enough to be held like a dick. Hello gender fluidity! 

No matter where or how you want Zeep to touch you, its design affords you the chance to go after your own pleasure with a lighter, gentler touch. You have all the physical control.

Do you want to go slow and gentle?

Zeep’s got your back. And all your other bits.

🍃 Get your own Zeep now! 🍃

Thanks, friend! - Step


P.S. Live in the Philly area? Cute Little Fuckers is going to have a booth at this month’s Furrydelphia convention, which takes place at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown on August 25-27. I’d love it if you’d swing by and say hi!