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Are you a furry, too?

by Step Tranovich on April 19, 2024

Hey you – Now that winter is behind us, I’m getting excited about all the events on my calendar, events that make it possible for me to meet folks from the CLF community IRL—and that often allow me to grow that community even more!

First up is Furry Weekend Atlanta—May 9-12 in Atlanta, Georgia—a convention that’s all about the furry fandom. And I just can’t wait.


For those who don’t know, furries are folks who are into anthropomorphized animals: animals with human characteristics. 

And from Starsi, our smiley-faced starfish to Princette, our playful octopus, our toys also have very human characteristics, from their gender identities to their smiling faces to their playful personalities.

But it’s about so much more than that.

Much like Cute Little Fuckers, the furry community in general provides a safe space for folks to play with who they are, and how they want to express themselves. When people develop their fursonas (an animal persona adopted by someone to represent who they are), they feel free to explore parts of their true self that they may not otherwise feel comfortable exploring. 

The furry community gives them acceptance.

It affords them a comfortable space to be playful and silly, and to get curious and creative about what they might enjoy.

Sound familiar?

Obviously, being a part of the CLF community doesn’t inherently make you a furry. There are a ton of reasons you might vibe with Cute Little Fuckers, a love for anthropomorphized animals being only one of them. 

But I do love those overlaps between everything we stand for.

So, yes, I’ll be wandering about at FWA in May… and CLF will have a booth at their Moonlight Festival on Saturday, May 11, 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. This is their 18+ after dark event for those who want to dance and socialize and explore their kinkier side.

Will I see you there?

P.S. Are there any other events you love that you think I should attend? We can only do so many, but I always enjoy learning about new events and exploring new places.